WebHealer’s booking system is designed to maximise your daily availability. This has obvious benefits (more availability slots) but contrasts to the flexibility of a paper diary.

For example, If you have a service, “Service A” which lasts for 55 minutes with 5 minutes buffer time between appointments, the total time reserved for each booking is 60 minutes.

If your working hours are 9AM to 1PM daily, this would allow for 4 booking slots. Our system will therefore enforce booking times at 9AM,10AM,11AM,12PM so as to maximise your booking slots available. Our system will not allow a user to book at 09:45AM as this would restrict your appointments to just 3 slots for that day.

Please note: If you would like our system to allow for greater flexibility in this regard, please provide us with this and any other feedback so we can better tailor the booking system to your requirements.